UK, anti Trident Petition on 10 Downing Street Website

This 27 February 2016 video from England is called Jeremy Corbyn addressing huge anti Trident demonstration in London.

From the Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament:

Trident Petition on 10 Downing Street Website

A new petition has been placed on the Number Ten Downing Street website, by Jo Jacques, calling for the cancellation of the planned new Trident nuclear weapon system.

It reads: ‘We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to cancel Trident and spend the money saved making peace”

‘Cancel Trident and spend the saving making peace in the world.

Only people with courage can take the risk to get rid of Trident – let’s show the world what really matters for everyone – peace.

Let us show the world that we are prepared to take the risk and make the world a better place.’

5 thoughts on “UK, anti Trident Petition on 10 Downing Street Website

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