Stop British Trident nuclear weapons, peace activists arrested

This video from Scotland says about itself:

Faslane Peace Camp – Fighting Trident

4 March 2009

Faslane Peace Camp in Scotland reached 25 years of age in 2007/08. This film is about the ongoing attempt by one of its longest-serving protesters at ‘civil disobedience.’

By Peter Lazenby in Scotland:

Five activists arrested for Trident base road block

Wednesday 12th July 2017

FIVE peace campaigners were arrested yesterday after blockading the Trident nuclear weapons base at Coulport in Scotland.

The five locked themselves together using concrete blocks and metal tubes at 7am across the access road leading to the base.

Police were forced to use cutting gear to separate them after they blocked the road to the base for two and a half hours.

The action was part of the Trident Ploughshares nuclear disarmament international camp taking place this week near Coulport.

Those arrested included veteran disarmament campaigner Brian Quail, 79, Angie Zelter, 66, a peace and environment campaigner from Knighton in Wales, and Sam Donaldson, 29, a community worker from Hull.

The Spanish campaigners arrested were Women in Black activist Almudena Izquierdo Olmo, 60, from Madrid, and Alternativa Antimilitarista activist Juan Carlos Navarro Diaz, 46, from the Canary Islands.

Last week, the United Nations introduced a Nuclear Ban Treaty in its attempts to halt nuclear weapons proliferation but the British government refused to take part.

Ms Zelter said: “British nuclear weapons are illegal and now there is a United Nations Ban Treaty. It is imperative that all of us get involved in non-violent nuclear disarmament as our government is engaged in state terrorism.”

Ms Izquierdo said: “We demand our government, as part of Nato, sign and ratify the UN Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty in order to prohibit nuclear weapons from entering foreign military bases and ports in Spain.”

The international protest camp was set up on Saturday, and will remain until July 18. Protesters include a delegation from Finland.

A GOVERNMENT decision to spend £2.5 billion on nuclear-armed submarines was slammed today by local authorities committed against nuclear weapons and nuclear power. Defence Minister Gavin Williamson announced at the BAE dockyard in Barrow that he has signed a £1.5bn contract to build a seventh Astute “hunter-killer” submarine for the Royal Navy. And £960 million worth of contracts have also been signed for the construction for Britain’s four nuclear-armed Trident Dreadnought submarines: here.

Join RMT and CND to put Trident back on the political agenda. With events in the Korean peninsula increasing public awareness of the nuclear threat, it is important we educate our movement on the dangers of ‘us’ possessing these weapons of mass destruction, says PAUL SHAW.

Scrapping Trident nuclear weapons ‘could create thousands of engineering jobs’: here.

Rebutting Tory attack lines: Trident nuclear weapons. With Labour campaigners hitting the campaign trail up and down the country, in the first of a three-part series, IAN SINCLAIR offers some arguments to counter the right-wing anti-Corbyn narrative.

Nicola Sturgeon demands Labour scraps Trident — if they want SNP support: here.

THE Ministry of Defence was accused yesterday of throwing more than £1 billion down the drain after years of delays in repairs to its Trident programme. Anti-war campaigners CND slammed the “inexcusable” overspend: here.

MoD confirms ‘parallel’ US-UK nuclear warhead replacement programme after it was first reported in the US: here.

5% of Trident’s cost could eradicate homelessness, CND days in its alternative budget. The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament highlights the Tories’s the ‘upside-down’ priorities on Budget day: here.

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