British Conservative anti-Roma racism

This video says about itself:

Hidden Sorrows – Persecution of Romanian Gypsies during the Holocaust

18 June 2014

A documentary about Romanian Roma (Gypsies) – featuring survivors describing their experiences during the Holocaust. The film also shows the lives of Roma today and current issues such as poverty and discrimination, traditions such as those displayed at weddings and funerals.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Tory MP slammed for racism

Thursday 24th August 2017

TORY MP Douglas Ross was compared to US President Donald Trump yesterday after he attacked the travelling community in an online interview.

When asked what he would do if he was prime minister for the day, Mr Ross responded that he would impose “tougher enforcement against gypsy travellers.”

Scottish Greens justice spokesman John Finnie hit back at the bigoted remarks.

“Douglas Ross was given an open goal, be PM and sort anything you want,” the MSP said.

“He didn’t choose improving health, education or housing, he didn’t seek to eradicate poverty, work for a better planet or peace. Rather he chose to attack an already beleaguered minority, our gypsy travellers.

“Much like Donald Trump seemed emboldened the more outrageous he became, so do Scotland’s Conservatives, whose ranks boast racists and sectarian bigots.”

British Blairite MP Mann accused of anti-Roma racism: here.

PRESSURE is mounting on the Tories to sideline a councillor in Lancashire whose suspension for racism has been lifted for the sake of political advantage. Shadow chancellor John McDonnell demanded today that the Tories apologise and resuspend Rosemary Carroll after her reinstatement on Friday lunchtime enabled the Conservatives to take control of Pendle Borough Council. Ms Carroll was forced to stand down for three months after comparing Asians to dogs in a Facebook post last June.

Among the repressive legislation in the Queen’s Speech of Boris Johnson’s Conservative government are racist measures targeting Gypsy, Roma and Traveller (GRT) communities: here.

14 thoughts on “British Conservative anti-Roma racism

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  2. I once had a dear friend who was Roma, his name is Yuri, I miss him terribly.

    Yuri was older than I and I suspect his childhood was marred by the holocaust, but we never spoke of our genocides. That is just not done is oppressed circles.

    I met him as a youth and we remained friends for years, until there came a time where he would come to my home weekly for dinner and a visit but also to teach my child his music. And what music, the likes I had never before heard, words cannot describe what I witnessed when Yuri played his violin.

    Yuri had a successful career here, not just because of his musical abilities but because he was just such a lovely, sweet and caring person. He was attractive, polite and incredibly talented, people felt blessed to know him so I have a very hard time understanding the negative feelings but suspect jealousy may play some part.

    One day, years ago he arrived at our home for dinner and informed us that he had bad news and had to return to Europe to his ailing mother, which he did and since then none of have had the pleasure of seeing that beautiful smile again. What a terrible loss for us, if I had the power I would welcome the Roma to my territory gladly, that would be so lovely.


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  5. Tuesday, 19 December 2017

    Banks to do immigration checks! Smash this racist Tory government!

    FROM January 1st banks and building societies will be legally obliged to check the current accounts of 76 million account holders and compare them with a government database of people deemed by the Tories to be ‘illegal immigrants’.

    Any matches must then be reported to the Home Office who will instruct the banks to close these accounts or freeze them.

    The entire process of scrutiny will take place every three months and the banks or building societies will face fines or sanctions if they fail to carry out the checks demanded by the Tories under the Immigration Act of 2016, itself an amendment to an earlier act of 2014.

    This move has been criticised by immigration welfare campaigners on the grounds that the Home Office has a long record of mistakes and simply can’t be trusted to get anything right and that migrant workers with every legal right to be in Britain would be affected by mistakes and find their bank accounts closed.

    While valid, these objections miss the main point – this implementation of the Immigration Act in respect of banking is just another front in the ongoing, racist attack by the Tories on immigrant workers.

    It represents yet another move in the direction of transforming every public service into nothing more than a part of the border control system, acting as agents of social control policing every foreign-born worker and their families and reporting them back to the state.

    The 2014 Immigration Act was introduced by the then Tory Home Secretary, Theresa May, who boasted that she would ‘create a really hostile environment’ for migrants in Britain.

    Alongside this attack was the Tory policy of ‘deport first, appeal later’ for the thousands of people facing forced removal from Britain, many of them condemned to return to countries where they faced torture or execution.

    In effect, the Tories intended to introduce a system whereby every person in the country had to be subjected to identity checks whether or not they were British citizens or people with permanent residence.

    These checks would be carried out by teachers, nurses, doctors, banks, private landlords, in short any organisation or public service a person might come into contact with.

    In April this year, the medical charity Doctors of the World launched a campaign against government diktats that ‘makes border guards of doctors’ by allowing the Home Office to access details of undocumented migrants seeking NHS treatment.

    Many doctors and NHS workers are simply refusing to comply with the law, refusing to be turned into agents for the racist policies of the Tories.

    Similarly the National Union of Teachers passed a motion at its 2017 conference condemning the Department for Education’s instruction that parents must supply details of pupils’ nationality and country of birth to schools which would then be passed on to the Home Office.

    Millions of workers in Britain experience every day the fact that May’s ‘really hostile climate’ is not confined to the tiny number of immigrant workers deemed illegal.

    The Tories have attempted to impose a complete reign of terror over the entire working class, driving through the most savage austerity cuts aimed at inflicting not just poverty but complete destitution on workers and their families.

    For the Tories and the ruling class that they serve, racism has only one aim – to try and split the working class along racist lines to try and hold back the tide of socialist revolution.

    The enemy of all workers is not migrant workers but this Tory government and a bankrupt capitalist system that can no longer provide even the basic essentials of life.

    Workers and the unions must fight all attempts to split the working class with reactionary racist policies and insist that just as the filthy rich oligarchs and bankers are free to travel the world in search of profit so workers have the right to go to any country in search of work.

    Above all, workers must unite to demand the unions bring down this Tory government through a general strike and go forward to a workers government and a socialist society that will open its doors to all workers from across the world.


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