Britain’s expensive nuclear weapons

This 2015 music video from Scotland says about itself:

Keith Meisner – No Thanks Trident


No thank you Trident, Try again
Try peace, Try love, Try Understandin’
Try talking, Try listening friends
No thank you Trident, Try again

Call me anything you like, call me naive
But I’m pretty sure it’s not missiles we need
I’m pretty sure, there will be no true peace
Until all these nuclear programmes cease


Try instead of building nuclear bombs,
Try building schools, try hospitals
Try imagining how much there would be to go round
Instead of wasting one hundred billions pounds


Scotland’s voice is loud and clear,
Try friendship, try hope over fear
Try compassion, try common sense
Try thinking that peace is the best defence


You threaten others you say to stop a threat
That’s the thing that I don’t get
So come gather round people and make a stand
And rid these things from our land

No thanks Trident….

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Spend cash on people not Trident, says CND

Thursday 24th November 2016

ANTI-NUCLEAR campaigners launched a report in Parliament ahead of the Autumn Statement yesterday calling for Trident to be scrapped and presenting alternative spending proposals.

The CND’s People Not Trident report claims that £205 billion would be wasted by replacing the nuclear weapons system, money CND says could be spent on “jobs, the NHS, homes, education and climate change.”

CND general secretary Kate Hudson said cuts announced in the Autumn Statement would hit the poorest in society but “over the last few months the government has lauded Trident spending as a sign of the economy’s vitality.

“It’s clear that something has gone very wrong. Are we saying as a society that we can’t afford a safety net for the poor or those on low incomes, but we can afford £205bn on a militarily useless weapon of mass destruction?”

The organisation says that the alternative proposals would “address the real problems society now faces.”

Britain: Queen to be given £370 million to refurbish Buckingham Palace: here.

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