British transport workers union against Blair’s Trident plans

This video from Scotland says about itself:

Greenpeace blockade Trident submarine at Faslane

23 February 2007

Seven Greenpeace boats blockading a Trident nuclear submarine at its Scottish base in response to Tony Blair’s determination to start building the next generation of British nuclear weapons.

From London daily News Line:

Wednesday, 14 March 2007


RMT condemns Blair-Brown government

THE TENS of billions of pounds the government intends to spend on new weapons of mass destruction should be spent on public services, said the RMT transport workers’ union yesterday.

The union made its call on the eve of today’s House of Commons vote on Trident replacement, which the Blair regime is set to win because it has the backing of the Tories.

Yesterday ministerial aide Jim Devine became the second government official to resign over Trident.

The Livingston MP quit his job as a parliamentary private secretary at the Department of Health, the day after House of Commons deputy leader Nigel Griffiths left his post on Monday.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said yesterday: ‘Today the government is publishing a bill which underlines the need for action to save the planet, yet tomorrow they intend to force through plans to spend billions on nuclear weapons that can help destroy it.

‘The £75 billion that could be wasted on the new Trident could go a long way to helping Britain reduce carbon emissions, build some of the transport infrastructure we desperately need and bolster our public services.

‘Forcing Trident through with the help of Tory votes, in the face of public opinion, shows just how divorced from the real world the government has become.

‘Blair took us into an illegal war over weapons of mass destruction that didn’t even exist, and now he wants to tear up the nuclear non-proliferation treaty to build some new ones of his own – there is only one word for that, and it is hypocrisy.’

Update: here.

Secret upgrade of Trident: here.

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