Italians ask the Pope to stop wearing fur

Pope Benedict XVI with ermine trimmed camauro

Associated Press reports:

ROME – An Italian animal rights group is asking Pope Benedict XVI to give up his fur, including an ermine-trimmed red velvet cape and papal hat, in “a choice of high religious and ethical value.”

“It would be a praiseworthy example of Christian charity,” Roberto Bennati, the deputy chairman of the Anti-Vivisection League, said in a statement released late Friday.

Benedict sometimes wears a fur-trimmed hat called a “camauro,” headgear popular with pontiffs in the 17th century.

He has also donned a red velvet cape trimmed in ermine.

Canada’s wild fur trade returns: here.

3 thoughts on “Italians ask the Pope to stop wearing fur

  1. Animal testing in Britain ‘rising’

    ANIMAL RIGHTS: Campaigners condemned today the “national disgrace” of animal experiments performed in Britain.

    Home Office figures revealed that the number of procedures over the last couple of years had increased.

    The number rose by 105,186 to just over 3.7 million in 2010, an increase of around 3 per cent.

    National Anti-Vivisection Society chief Jan Creamer said: “The Home Office has pursued a relaxation of controls to make it easier and quicker to get a licence to use animals.”


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