UK: Tony Blair’s hypocrisy on the Iraq war

Blair on Iraq war, cartoon

From London daily The Morning Star:

Those men of violence

(Sunday 18 February 2007)

“DON’T blame us for the carnage in Iraq,” says discredited war criminal Prime Minister Tony Blair.

“All we did was launch an illegal invasion of the country, bomb the clean water and sewerage systems into oblivion, disband the Iraqi army and other state organs, creating a law and order vacuum, and carry out a series of anti-terrorist surgical strikes on targets that turned out to be wedding celebrations, unarmed civilian convoys or simply families sleeping in their own homes.

“How can anybody link such a record with the current reality of incipient civil war where people’s ethnic or religious background can determine their fate?”

These are not Mr Blair‘s actual words. Such clarity and honesty would be way beyond this self-professed “pretty straight kind of a guy.”

But he really does claim to believe that the ongoing torment of the Iraqi people has nothing to do with the blood-soaked lawlessness waged by him and his White House compadre.

And he genuinely seems unaware that his references to “men of violence” and “outside elements” are interpreted correctly by everyone else as self-descriptive.

7 thoughts on “UK: Tony Blair’s hypocrisy on the Iraq war

  1. It’s no secret that bush and blair are 100% guilty of murder! They are both worse than Hitler,and notice I spell Hitler with a capital “H”‘ whereas bush and blair don’t even deserve enough honor to recieve the same consideraton.How do they sleep at night while Iraqi children burn, while women are maimed,and on bush’s and blairs behalf the devil rejoices. Simple it’s who they are that allows them to laugh and go about their lives as if the torment,pain and the bloodshed of the innocent is categorized in their dead souls as “shit happens”.
    True justice is to hear that bush and blair visited Iraq and accidently stepped on an “IED”and got shredded!


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