UK daily: Tony Blair’s Iraq war policy raises issue of his mental health

Tony Blair's delusions, cartoon by Martin Rowson

From British daily The Daily Mail:

Blair left ‘delusional’ by war in Iraq


Tony Blair was left a “delusional” and emotional wreck by the Iraq war, a documentary will reveal.

A string of former Cabinet Ministers questioned his mental health four years on from the invasion which has cost the lives of 133 British soldiers and daily bloodshed on the streets of Iraq.

Former International Development Secretary Clare Short, a long-standing critic of the Prime Minister, described Mr Blair as “delusional” for believing that everyday life in Baghdad and Basra had been improved by the war.

But even Mr Blair’s allies, Peter Mandelson and David Blunkett, cast doubt over whether the Premier had coped with the strain of sending British troops to war.

Mr Blunkett said the Prime Minister was “destroying himself physically and emotionally” in the aftermath of the war because critics had questioned his decision.

The claims are made in the third and final part of Blair: The Inside Story, by respected documentary maker Michael Cockerell.

Entitled The End of The Affair, it shows how public confidence in the Premier plummeted after the 2003 Iraq invasion, the Hutton Inquiry into the death of David Kelly and over his close relationship with President George Bush.

Maybe, some mental illnesses are contagious trans-Atlantically?

Death penalty for Iraqi women? See here.

4 thoughts on “UK daily: Tony Blair’s Iraq war policy raises issue of his mental health

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