Anti Bush music video by Kuwaiti singer Shams

Bush and Iraq war, cartoon

From Art for a Change blog in the USA:

Shams (Arabic for “Sun”) is a popular female Kuwaiti singer who has just released a controversial song titled, Ahlan Ezayak (or “Hi! How are you!”).

This music video is called Shams – Ahlan Izayak.

Accompanied by a slick MTV-like video that lambastes George W. Bush and his occupation of Iraq, the song has become all the rage in the Middle East.

Shams croons in the Khaliji style, one of the most intoxicating and seductive genres in pop music today, and yet most Americans have not heard of it – even as U.S. soldiers sink ever deeper into Arab sands. …

The fact that Shams is Kuwaiti, a people who have been the biggest supporters of American policy in the Arab world, makes her video all the more inflammatory – an indication that the Kuwaiti/U.S. romance is over.

And indeed Ahlan Ezayak is a song about love gone sour, “Hi! How are you? – You think you’re so great, I never want to see you again!”

The video opens with Shams singing to a moronic looking digitized George W. Bush at a press conference held on the White House lawn.

The gathering quickly becomes an opportunity for the singer to publicly announce, “I’m not your relative, I’m not your sweetheart.”

The video then dissolves into a subversive montage involving the singer, Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, as Shams sings her song of broken love – “Whether you hurt my heart or adore it, I refuse you. Go buy yourself and get away from me.”

The surreal video depicts Shams confronting her veiled self in a police line-up, lying down in front of the White House on a wall made of letters that spell “GUANTANAMO,” cutting the strings of powerful marionettes (there’s Tony Blair!), and boxing in the ring with Condoleezza.

Even the Statue of Liberty can’t help but dance to that funky Khaliji beat.

There’s more, dare I say, “feminist” sentiment and rebel rage in this video, than in all of the current rock and hip-hop video’s of today put together.

Juan Cole on this: here.


8 thoughts on “Anti Bush music video by Kuwaiti singer Shams

  1. Posted by: “Jack”

    Wed Feb 7, 2007 3:29 pm (PST)

    Bush’s uncle tangled in options probe: SEC

    By Tim McLaughlin

    NEW YORK (Reuters) – President George W. Bush’s uncle, William H.T. “Bucky” Bush, was part of a group of outside directors at a defense contractor who realized about $6 million in unauthorized pay from an options backdating scheme, according to U.S. securities investigators.

    Bush and other non-employee directors who served on the board of Engineered Support Systems Inc., now owned by DRS Technologies Inc., are not accused of any wrongdoing in a civil complaint filed on Tuesday by the U.S.
    Securities and Exchange Commission.

    The SEC complaint, however, says the non-employee directors benefited from stock options not approved by shareholders.

    “As a result, the company provided significant additional compensation to its outside directors beyond what shareholders had approved,” the SEC complaint said. “These same directors later realized approximately $6 million from the exercise of their addtional stock options.”

    The complaint did not break out how much Bush and the other outside directors received from a total of 132,000 shares of unauthorized shares.

    Bush, whose brother is former President George H.W. Bush, was unavailable for comment. He served on St. Louis-based ESSI’s board from 2000 until the St. Louis defense contractor was acquired last year for nearly $2 billion by DRS, which sells engineering services to the U.S. military.

    Bush served on ESSI’s audit committee and received $2,500 a month in consulting fees, an arrangement that later was ended for him and other outside directors. Bush also received a fixed amount of ESSI shares each year for his work on the board.

    Before the DRS deal was approved in January 2006, Bush held ESSI shares worth $3.8 million, SEC filings show.

    Between 1995 and early 2005, ESSI’s stock climbed nearly 900 percent as the company sold cargo loaders, generators and trailers to the
    Pentagon. ESSI’s board was politically connected and included several retired generals.

    The SEC on Tuesday accused ESSI’s former chief financial officer, Gary C. Gerhardt, and former controller, Steven J. Landmann, of orchestrating a backdating scheme that spanned six years. In all, executives and directors netted $20 million in unauthorized pay, according to the complaint filed in U.S. District Court in St. Louis.

    Outside directors received backdated options issued in 1996, 1998, 1999 and 2001, the SEC complaint alleges.

    Landmann has agreed to give back about $519,000 in option-related compensation while paying $367,585 in penalties and interest. He did not admit or deny the SEC allegations, and will be permanently barred from serving as an officer of publicly-traded company.

    Records unsealed in federal court in St. Louis late last year show that the SEC is investigating Michael F. Shanahan Sr., who co-founded ESSI; his son, who served on the board’s compensation committee; and Shanahan Sr.’s son-in-law, David Mattern, who was general counsel.

    The SEC wants the Shanahans and Mattern to produce e-mails, meeting notes, telephone logs and board meeting minutes related to the pricing of Engineered Support stock options, court papers show.

    The SEC’s complaint against Gerhardt said nearly half of the unauthorized and undisclosed gains from options backdating, or about $8.6 million, went to Shanahan Sr. He has not been charged by the SEC.

    Court records also show there is an ongoing criminal investigation that mirrors, in part, the SEC’s probe.


  2. Passport ruling frees women

    Kuwait: The highest court has granted women the right to obtain a passport without their husband’s approval.

    According to the ruling published in the daily Al-Qabas, the Constitutional Court found the decades-old law requiring a husband’s signature on a woman’s application for a passport “unconstitutional.”

    The court ruled that it “compromised her humanity.”


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