Theater and dance

This is a video about a Helma Melis ballet.

In the afternoon of 18 February, the theater had a preview of shows for the next weeks.

First, actor John Buijsman gave a preview of his show about poet Cornelis Bastiaan Vaandrager, from Rotterdam like him.

Buijsman spoke, as a film about Vaandrager played in the background.

After Buisman, the presenter interviewed Canadian choreographer André Gingras, on his new production trans.form.

The presenter also did an interview with Belgian choreographer, living in Den Bosch in The Netherlands, Helma Melis.

The interview was about her new ballet, Le Black avec Noir.

It played on the silver screen in the background: the dancers were in a chessboard like scene.

Theater group De Wetten van Kepler played a scene from their play on two gay shepherds in Wyoming in the USA, Brockeback Mountain.

It is based on the book; not on the film.

Aluin theater did a scene from Mary Stuart, a re-enactment of the about two hundred years old play, from 1800, by Friedrich Schiller.

Finally, the Volksoperahuis did songs about nineteenth century Dutch navy captain Jan van Speijk.

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