Rare night parrot found in Australia

This 2013  video from Australia is called Thought to be extinct. Queensland bird enthusiast presents first photos of the elusive night parrot.

From the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. published on 19 February 2007:

Ex-parrot sighting in Qld sparks interest

The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service says the discovery of a rare bird in outback Queensland will probably attract worldwide scientific interest.

Rangers found a dead night parrot – one of Australia’s rarest birds – in the Diamantina National Park in the state’s far south-west late last year.

The last reported sighting was 1990.

Keith Twyford from Parks and Wildlife says the parrot is classed as endangered, but the most recent discovery has sparked big interest.

Video about the Western ground parrot, a relative of the night parrot: here.

Birders are twitterpated after naturalist claims he has photos and film of an Australian parrot rarely seen since 1979: here.

Night parrot (top), and ground parrot painted by William Cooper in 1971 (Credit: National Library of Australia)

A LIVE NIGHT PARROT has reportedly been photographed in western Queensland for the first time since the species was discovered more than 150 years ago: here.

22 thoughts on “Rare night parrot found in Australia

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  5. Putting aside all thoughts of Monty Python’s Dead Parrot Sketch; it just goes to show that there is still a lot of wilderness out there and you never know what you might find if you look. Here’s hoping there are still some Tasmanian Tigers lurking out there.


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