British TV outs US troops who killed its journalist Terry Lloyd in Iraq

Bush and Blair in the Iraq war, cartoon by Steve Bell

From The Scotsman:

TV channel outs troops it links to death of reporter


ITV last night revealed the names of all 16 US marines it claims were present when journalist Terry Lloyd was shot dead while working in Iraq nearly four years ago.

The marines, reportedly of Red Platoon, Delta Company – one of whom “almost certainly” fired the shot that killed the ITN journalist – were listed one by one on ITV’s 6 o’clock news.

It is the first time their names have been revealed in full, but US authorities refused to confirm whether the information read out on air was accurate.

US Central Command said it had “no intention” of confirming names.

Mr Lloyd was killed in a hail of American tank fire as he and three colleagues approached Iraq‘s second city of Basra during the US-led invasion in March 2003.

His family said that US forces had been allowed to behave like “trigger-happy cowboys” after a coroner recorded a verdict of unlawful killing at the inquest in Oxford last October.

The US troops involved were never publicly identified and did not give evidence during the eight-day hearing.

Oxfordshire Deputy Assistant Coroner Andrew Walker said afterwards that he would write to the Attorney General and the Director of Public Prosecutions “to see whether any steps can be taken to bring the perpetrators responsible for this to justice”.

The Lloyd family’s lawyer, Louis Charalambous, said last night that the family welcomed the public outing of the 16 troops and urged them to come forward and explain themselves.

Anti Iraq war in Britain: here.

City of Berkeley in the USA: prosecute Donald Rumsfeld for war crimes.

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