24 thoughts on “Don’t celebrate start of bloody World War I

  1. A story of returned servicemen and their interpretation of what happened to them and the aftermath, so much for the glorification of war? interestingly enough, my Father often quoted to me was, when you are conscripted, or the call up, “is the army will make you into a man”, it is ironic he did not get called up in WW2, as he was a manager of a Cooperative store, classed as being of essential services, hypocrisy is so deeply embedded within the human soul, you may wonder if within the conditions of evolution, the nature of camouflage in most life forms, this coloring of the true nature of man’s inner intention as opposed to what is a given front, is the outcome of evolution, and this condition is firmly implanted within, that escape is impossible as with being in the realm of the orbit of a black hole.

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