23 thoughts on “World War I should not be celebrated

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  2. The outline of the WW1, I was aware of with regard to Germany being slow to to enter the race of colonization, the article is a important outline of more detailed research, my grandfather was in this war, I met him several times, he never spoke, he had been gassed in the trenches, I understand he had severe respiratory problems and was blind, the health problems were a result of this war, because of no financial assistance for many who returned from this war, nor counselling , this contributed to the hardship many endured long after war had finished.
    The repercussion of this war and WW2, would be a ongoing problem for many, but because of these wars now becoming submerged in to the swamp of past history, and no longer understood by those who in some way are still victims, to the past ghosts that haunt those who are connected to their psyche to comprehend this shadow, and to the many that have no idea as to what meaning is inferred
    The salient and sobering aspect of the article is not so much a celebration of the past but to remember those who gave their life unwittingly to a minority, of financiers, who have gained more riches from the war, and instigated propaganda to glorify war, with ideas such as “For the glory” or “The heroes” or “To make a man of you” whereas, any one who has witnessed war first hand, know it is a macabre affair as similar to the abattoir, except human fodder as opposed to animal.


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