Donald Trump’s United States coronavirus disaster continues

This 24 July 2020 video says about itself:

Trump cancels in-person Republican convention events in Florida

The staggering impact of COVID-19 on the United States shows no sign of easing.

The number of infections across the country has crossed four million.

President Trump has called off the main Republican convention events in Florida, because of coronavirus fears.

Al Jazeera’s Heidi Zhou-Castro reports.

US coronavirus hospitalizations surge back to April highs. By Bryan Dyne, 24 July 2020. The spike in hospitalizations is the result of infections surging nationally, including more than 69,000 new cases today, along with 1,150 deaths, bringing the total known case count and death toll to 4.17 million and 147,000, respectively.

“They have put the needs of the 1 percent over the importance of human life”. NASSCO shipyard worker dies from COVID-19 in San Diego. By Linda Rios, 23 July 2020.

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos adds record $13 billion to net worth in a single day. By Jacob Crosse, 24 July 2020. US billionaires continue to profit fabulously off the pandemic while millions face hunger, eviction, and joblessness.

HOW HIS CONVENTION COLLAPSED The inability of local officials to assure needed security and relentlessly increasing coronavirus cases spurred President Donald Trump to pull the plug on his nominating convention in Florida. It’s the second time Trump has had to cancel a full-blown celebration of his nomination for a second term. Trump moved the convention from its original site, Charlotte, North Carolina, in June, because Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper refused to waive social distancing and mask-wearing rules. Trump said on Thursday that under a new plan, all the delegates will now meet in Charlotte and nominate him in late August. [HuffPost]

WHITE HOUSE DENIES STEPHEN MILLER’S GRANDMOTHER DIED OF COVID-19 The Trump administration rejected assertions that White House adviser Stephen Miller’s 97-year-old grandmother died of the coronavirus after his uncle reported earlier this month that she had fallen victim to COVID-19. “This morning my mother, Ruth Glosser, died of the late effects of COVID-19 like so many thousands of other people; both young and old,” Miller’s uncle, David Glosser wrote on Facebook on July 4. But when asked about Glosser’s death, the White House told Mother Jones the link to the coronavirus was incorrect. [HuffPost]

SENATOR RIPPED FOR REFUSING TO WEAR MASK IN MEETING WITH TRIBAL LEADERS  Democratic senators condemned Interior Secretary David Bernhardt for refusing to wear a mask in a recent meeting with leaders of the Klamath Tribes of Oregon. In a letter, Sens. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) also said they’ve heard reports of Bureau of Land Management employees, who are part of the Interior Department, ignoring Oregon’s mask mandates in outdoor settings where people cannot stay six feet apart. This type of cavalier and callous indifference for human safety is unacceptable,” the senators wrote. [HuffPost]

4 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s United States coronavirus disaster continues

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  2. Tragically, because of the inept leadership of Donald Trump, the United States is losing the struggle against the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, many thousands of our fellow Americans have unnecessarily died or become ill.

    Trump has rejected science with regard to the pandemic. We will not. Together, we will fight back and implement policies based on science which will protect the health and well-being of the American people.

    That’s why I am urgently calling for a simple and inexpensive way to protect Americans during the coronavirus pandemic: Masks for All.

    Our goal must be to manufacture and distribute high-quality masks to medical professionals and to every man, woman and child in this country at no cost. And next week, I will introduce legislation to do just that.

    Before I introduce my bill in the Senate, my colleagues need to know that there is broad support for this common-sense concept which is now universally supported by the scientific community. Can I count on you to add your name to join me in this effort?

    Please add your name to tell Congress to pass Masks for All legislation that will provide three high-quality masks to every person in America.

    Here is what the legislation would do:

    Direct the Trump administration to use the Defense Production Act to produce and deliver three high-quality, reusable masks to every person in the country.

    Work with state and local governments to deliver masks to homeless shelters, jails, detention centers, testing sites, post offices, pharmacies and other congregate-care settings.

    The science is clear: Wearing a mask is the best way to protect ourselves from the coronavirus and save lives, and the widespread use of masks will get Americans back to work sooner and reunite families who have stayed apart.

    As the United States reports a record number of new cases — 4 million total confirmed cases announced this week — research about mask wearing shows that masks are crucial to decreasing the spread of the coronavirus. When the virus can’t easily find hosts, it dies out.

    South Korea, one of the more successful countries in responding to the pandemic, began the process of procuring high-quality masks in late February and provided them affordably to its citizens by partnering with pharmacies across the country. Taiwan, the Czech Republic, Germany, Vietnam and dozens of other countries have also demonstrated that as mask wearing became commonplace in public, coronavirus cases were contained. And only when the virus is contained can our society finally go back to normal.

    Other countries have successfully provided masks to their people, and now it is time for the United States to do the same.

    Not only will widespread mask wearing help save lives — it can help slow our growing economic crisis as well. One estimate says that widespread use of masks could be worth up to $1 trillion to our economy by preventing shutdowns and getting people back to work earlier.

    To make enough high-quality masks for all Americans, this legislation requires the administration to invoke the Defense Production Act, which was written explicitly for these purposes. This will mandate that manufacturers put in place the additional capacity necessary to meet the needs of the public and provide assistance to companies who want to begin producing masks or scale up production. Communities hard hit by job losses could and should benefit greatly from these new employment opportunities.

    Unfortunately, given Trump’s anti-science mentality, it is absolutely clear that we cannot wait for this administration to take action. That is why we need Masks for All legislation, and that is why I am asking you directly:

    Please sign my petition — tell Congress to pass legislation that would provide three high-quality masks to every person in the country. Together we must stop the spread of the coronavirus and save lives.

    Let us not forget: Our country is facing a series of unprecedented crises, but we will get through them as long as we stand together.

    In solidarity,

    Bernie Sanders


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