Coronavirus denialist President Trump gets COVID-19

This 2 October 2020 video is called Trump and first lady test positive for coronavirus @BBC News.

After coronavirus denialist supporters of denialist United States President Trump, like this one and this one, have died from COVID-19

By Adam Withnall today:

Trump denounced for claiming ‘coronavirus will be gone by April’

Donald Trump and First Lady Melania test positive for coronavirus

President and First Lady tested after infection of close aide Hope Hicks, who travelled with the Trumps this week

Will he drink bleach now?

From the New Musical Express, 1 October 2020:

John Prine’s wife slams Donald Trump as “idiot” after country legend died from coronavirus “on his watch”

Prine passed away in Nashville earlier this year


President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump tested positive for the coronavirus just days after Hope Hicks, one of his closest advisers, fell ill after traveling with him aboard Air Force One. Hicks was pictured leaving the plane without wearing a mask. Trump, who has spent months downplaying the pandemic and scoffing at face masks and social distancing, cleared his schedule, throwing the final days of the campaign into doubt. At 74 and obese, he faces a high risk of severity. [HuffPost]

Trump falls victim of his own “herd immunity” policy. While the short-term political consequences are highly unpredictable, the Trump diagnosis does not alter the fundamental trajectory of the social and political crisis of American capitalism: here.

TRUMP IS ‘LARGEST DRIVER’ OF COVID-19 CONSPIRACY THEORIES >From using racist rhetoric to promoting dangerous “miracle cures,” Trump is by far the biggest spreader of COVID-19 false claims, according to a new analysis by researchers at Cornell University’s Alliance for Science. The study examined over 38 million English-language news articles about the coronavirus from Jan. 1 to May 26. Of those, just over a million contained misinformation or disinformation. Trump, the researchers concluded, is “likely the largest driver of the COVID-19 misinformation.” Nearly 38% of the articles mentioned the president, the study found. [HuffPost]

QANON FOLLOWERS LASH OUT AFTER ANTI-VAX MESSENGER DIES Believers of the QAnon movement flooded a Chicago hospital with threats after a prominent COVID-19 denier died from the disease. Veronica Wolski was well known in the city for sharing anti-vaccine, pro-Q messages. Her supporters had demanded the hospital treat her with the anti-parasite drug ivermectin, which studies have shown ineffective against COVID. [HuffPost]

Bob Enyart, a right-wing, anti-vax, homophobic radio host, has died from COVID-19.

MELANIA CAUGHT SWEARING OVER CHILD SEPARATION As her husband’s administration was separating migrant families at the U.S.-Mexico border in the summer of 2018, first lady Melania Trump dismissed the gravity of the situation, telling a friend and former aide: “They said, ‘Oh, what about the children that were separated?’ Give me a f**king break.” Her comments were reportedly made in July 2018 to Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, who wrote the book “Melania and Me.”  [HuffPost]

“This is not who we are”: Twitter rages over Melania’s comments about migrant children.

Germany’s pandemic protests are mainstreaming antisemitic conspiracy theories. By Timo Schmitz.

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