Donald Trump’s United States secret police

This 24 July 2020 video from the USA says about itself:

Portland Protesters Clash With Federal Troops–Mike Dusek LIVE From Portland

Independent journalist Mike Dusek guest reports for Status Coup from ongoing Portland protests.

From Our Revolution in the USA, 23 July 2020:

President Trump‘s decision to send secret police to attack peaceful protestors in Portland, Oregon (and now Chicago) is the move of a racist would-be dictator whose behavior is a threat to our fundamental rights.

According to Our Revolution ally, Senator Jeff Merkley, even Republican Senators think Trump’s use of modern-day brownshirts is a “massive overreach of federal power” that’s “potentially unconstitutional.”

This use of secret police on American soil to undermine the first amendment is a turning point, and Our Revolution is fully committed to doing everything in our power to stop Trump from turning our country into a corporate fascist state where we don’t have the right to free speech.

Rush a donation here to help us fight Trump’s escalating fascism by organizing with our local groups to have the back of peaceful protestors and support progressive candidates who have the moral courage to call out Trump’s increasingly dictator-like behavior!

In solidarity,

The whole team at Our Revolution

From daily News Line in Britain, 24 July 2020:

US CIVIL WAR! – Trump vows to send federal officers into NY, Chicago and Philadelphia

US PRESIDENT Trump announced yesterday that he is sending ‘a surge of federal security forces to US cities in a crackdown on crime’.

Chicago, New York and Philadelphia are being targeted in the Republican president’s offensive dubbed operation ‘Taliferro’.

His comments came after Mayor of Portland, Oregon, Mayor Ted Wheeler, sided with demonstrators in their call for federal officers to leave the city after getting tear-gassed by federal agents during mass protests against racism and police violence on Wednesday night.

Wheeler, 57, was among the crowd of protesters outside the federal courthouse and the Justice Centre when federal police fired the gas to disperse the crowd.

The Democrat mayor, who has been in office since 2017, had talked to demonstrators for around two hours before the gas was used. He told one protester: ‘I’m not going to leave. If you get gassed, I’m getting gassed.’

One man walked up to the mayor and emptied a bag full of shrapnel in front of him causing Wheeler to stop in his tracks, while another came up behind him and put a police hat on his head which he swiftly removed.

Several people held banners aloft reading ‘Tear gas Ted’ and ‘Hey Ted, no more tear gas.’

Wheeler was filmed coughing as he marched on with protesters, with some people swearing at the mayor. One person shouted, ‘How does it feel, Teddy?’ and a brief tussle broke out between the crowd and his security detail before he left the scene.

Trump defended the deployment of federal officers, claiming that his administration is ‘trying to help Portland, not hurt it’.

The operation will see agents from the FBI, Marshals Service and other federal agencies work with local law enforcement, according to the US Department of Justice.

Trump – whose opinion poll numbers have been slumping amid a coronavirus-crippled US economy – said: ‘This rampage of violence shocks the conscience of our nation.’

Portland rabbis to federal agents: Leave our community.

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