Coronavirus news, Honduras and Germany

This 7 May 2020 Spanish language United States TV video says about itself (translated):

Honduras is the Central American country with the highest mortality rate due to COVID-19 | Telemundo

The coronavirus has simultaneously attacked the entire region, although with different results in each country. Honduras is the hardest hit territory, while Panama, with greater capacity to carry out tests, seems to be one of the least affected.

Translated from Dutch NOS radio today:

[Right-wing] Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández is infected with the coronavirus. He said he has mild symptoms and has started treatment.

Two employees and his wife are also infected with the virus and are being treated.

When British Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson became infected, government propaganda also said that he had ‘mild symptoms’. However, Johnson landed on intensive care. Doctors say he had a 50% chance of dying then.

Usually, ‘mild’ coronavirus infection is not mild.

Germany is often called a country with ‘good’ anti-COVID-19 policies. Compared to Trump’s USA and Boris Johnson‘s Britain, that is true. But that is a very low standard. There were recent outbreaks in German slaughterhouses, a German church, a German restaurant, and a Berlin apartment complex.

Also from Dutch NOS radio today:

In Germany, 30 people have died from the effects of the coronavirus in the past 24 hours. That is more than in the previous days, when fewer than ten deaths were recorded. …

The German death toll from covid-19 is 8830, according to the Robert Koch Institut (RKI), Germany’s health authority.

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