COVID-19, post-coup Bolivia, Donald Trump’s USA

This 10 July 2020 video says about itself:

Bolivia’s President Jeanine Añez said on Thursday she has tested positive for the novel coronavirus. Añez said in a tweet she was “well” …

When British Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson tested positive, he also initially said that he was ‘well’. But things got worse for him. He had to go to intensive care. Doctors estimated he then had a 50% chance of dying.

Ms Añez is a rich descendant of the Spanish conquistadores, who conquered Bolivia in the sixteenth century to get rich from its silver mines. She has enough money, not just to dye her hair blonde and for her plastic surgery; but also to be tested for coronavirus. Millions and millions of poorer people, in Bolivia and all over the world, don’t have that privilege.

So, after Bolsonaro in Brazil and Juan Orlando Hernández in Honduras, another far-right president gets COVID-19.

Ms Añez, a right-wing Christian fundamentalist, became president because of a military coup supported by Donald Trump’s CIA. A coup with much bloodshed, especially against the indigenous majority of Bolivians.

The Bolivian government confirmed that at least seven ministers, including its health minister, had tested positive and were either undergoing treatment or recuperating at home.

Dutch NOS radio reports today about Donald Trump‘s country:

In the United States, a record number of coronavirus infections has again been recorded. The previous record was set on Tuesday, when 60,200 infections were diagnosed within 24 hours. Last day there were 60,500 for the first time.

The country has the highest number of infections in the world with 3.2 million infections. More than 133,000 people have died from the virus and the number of daily corona deaths per day is increasing in the US. In the past three days, an average of more than 900 people a day died from the effects of the virus.

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