Brazilian coronavirus denialist Bolsonoro’s spokesman is infected

This 6 May 2020 Brazilian TV video says about itself, translated from Portuguese:

The spokesman for the Presidency of the Republic, General Otávio do Rêgo Barros, was diagnosed with Covid-19. … This Wednesday (6th), Jair Bolsonaro received the secretary of Culture, Regina Duarte, for a meeting on the sector’s projects.

Translated from Dutch NOS radio today:

Brazilian President Bolsonaro‘s spokesman has been struck by the coronavirus, Reuters news agency reports.

Bolsonaro constantly dismisses the severity of the epidemic and criticized the measures that are also in force in his own country. He called coronavirus “a little flu”.

Spokesman Otávio do Régo Barros is in quarantine. His staff is also at home, pending test results. It is not known whether President Bolsonaro himself was infected.

Brazil (over 210 million inhabitants) is the most affected country in South America. The number of corona infections is more than 125,000. To date, more than 8,500 people have died from the virus, according to official figures.

“Bolsonaro’s attitude towards the Covid-19 pandemic is Nazi,” said historian Bruno Frederico Müller, “The social-Darwinian vision of survival of the fittest, Hitler’s cruelty to his own people, sending more and more people to war, to death, and finally saying that Germany deserved its fate”: here.

6 thoughts on “Brazilian coronavirus denialist Bolsonoro’s spokesman is infected

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