Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, humorous music video

This 26 February 2020 humorous music video from Britain says about itself:

Bernie the Dinosaur

Bernie Sanders‘s Barney the Dinosaur tribute act.


I love unions
They love me
Not so much the DNC
They want Michael Bloomberg, Mayor Pete or Joe
They’ll uphold the status quo

I love unions
They love me
Not so much Team Hillary
If you ask me, they’d take four more years of Trump
They can take a running jump

I love unions
They love me
Less so MSNBC
They don’t like to hear about the CIA
Installing General Pinochet

I love unions
They love Bern
Don’t give Trump a second term
Which’ll happen if it’s Pete or Mini Mike
Don’t ask me, ask Dick Van Dyke

2 thoughts on “Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, humorous music video

  1. The New York Times is reporting that superdelegates are willing to damage the Democratic Party to stop Bernie Sanders from being the presidential nominee — even if he wins more delegates than any other candidate.

    The only winner in this scenario would be Donald Trump. We need to make sure that we’re organized and ready for anything.

    Our Revolution organizes working people around progressive candidates and progressive issues — and for the last three and a half years, we’ve also worked to reform the Democratic Party from the inside out.

    Now that we know the superdelegates beholden to special interests would be willing to risk damaging the Democratic Party and reelecting Donald Trump to stop our movement, our work is more vital than ever.

    We are going to stay focused on organizing and winning races. But if the establishment doesn’t come to their senses before July, we must be ready to fight back.

    Stopping Donald Trump is too important. Pitch in to prove to the Democratic establishment that Our Revolution’s grassroots movement is prepared to win.

    Onward to victory,

    The whole team at Our Revolution


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