Kurdish Dutch, Swedes against Erdogan invading Syria

This 12 October 2019 video is about Kurdish Swedish people demonstrating in Gothenburg, Sweden against the Turkish Erdogan regime invading Syria.

This 12 October 2019 video is about Kurdish Dutch demonstrating in The Hague against Erdogan invading Syria.

Kurdish Dutch demonstration in Amsterdam: here.

20,000 on London’s streets say ‘Stop the Turkish invasion’. ‘Rise up for Rojava’ rally opposes Erdogan’s brutal war on Syria’s Kurds: here.

World Peace Council condemns Turkish invasion of Syria: here.

Turkey’s Syrian “rebel” allies, the Islamist Syrian National Army (SNA, formerly the Free Syrian Army), are executing Kurdish civilians in areas they hold, according to multiple reports. Kurdish politician Hevrin Khalaf was executed; her bullet-riddled car appeared in a video surrounded by SNA fighters. Beyond Al Qaeda-linked calls to destroy infidels, the British Daily Telegraph noted, the SNA’s main outlook “is sectarian: they are anti-Kurdish and they are Arab chauvinists” … The Kurdish-led SDF militias in Syria, vastly outgunned by Turkish forces and vulnerable to air strikes, warned US officials in talks leaked by CNN that they would appeal for Russia to attack Turkey and protect SDF and Syrian army forces. As Turkey is legally a NATO ally of Washington and the European powers, such an attack could compel the United States and its European allies to either break the 70-year-old NATO alliance or go to war with Russia to protect Turkey: here.

DEBACLE: HUNDREDS OF ISIS SUPPORTERS ESCAPE Turkish forces approached a key Kurdish-held town in northern Syria, setting off clashes that allowed hundreds of Islamic State supporters to escape from a camp for displaced people and prompted U.S. soldiers to withdraw from a nearby base. [AP]

FIGHTING IN SYRIA HAS ALREADY DISPLACED 130,000 More than 130,000 people have been displaced from rural areas around the northeast Syrian border towns of Tel Abyad and Ras al Ain as a result of fighting between Turkish-led forces and Kurdish militia, the United Nations said. [Reuters]

5 thoughts on “Kurdish Dutch, Swedes against Erdogan invading Syria

  1. Turkish invasion protested in London, Sweden and Austria

    Demonstrations were held on Friday in London, Gotemborg, Gavle and Vienna. Thousands of people said no to the Turkish state’s invasion attacks in Northern and Eastern Syria.

    Thousands took to the street for the third consecutive day in many European cities to say no to the Turkish invasion of Northern and Eastern Syria.


    Kurds, socialists, Alevis, democratic people, women, youth and internationalists protested in Piccadily Circus Station against the Turkish invasion of Northern and Eastern Syria.

    Promoted by the British Kurdish People’s Assembly the demo reached the BBC building.

    Oxford Circus was also closed to traffic as protests continued.

    While the protests are taking place every day in London, the Action Committee is preparing a big action that will be held on Sunday and will start in front of the BBC at 1 pm.


    A demonstration was held in Gotemborg. Kurdish politician Abdullah Konya said that the Turkish state since its establishment has been pursuing a policy of genocide against Kurdish and other nations.


    The Kurdish people and their friends protested the Turkish state’s invasion of Northern and Eastern Syria in Södermalm Square.

    Painter and sculptor Seyvan Saidian from Rojhilat said that the Kurdish people showed strong resistance against the heavy attacks and bombings of the Turkish state. “We have a cruel enemy. But we have a tradition of organization and resistance.”

    Vaccin Batte, who made a speech on behalf of the families of martyrs, said that all Kurds should come together against the attack and invasion attempt in Rojava.


    The action in Vienna was attended by thousands of people gathered in front of the Karlsplatz Opera.

    Source: ANF NEWS DESK 12-10-2019


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