Trump’s soldiers in Syria, only for oil

This 22 October 2019 Australian TV video says about itself:

Kurds angry as Trump says some US troops may stay in Syria to ‘secure the oil’ | ABC News

More than 300,000 civilians have been displaced by the fighting …

Middle East correspondent Adam Harvey spoke to Kurdish refugees in the north-eastern city of Hassaka.

Recently, the Trump administration in the USA greenlighted the bloody invasion by the Turkish Erdogan regime of Syria.

Then, the day before yesterday, as the German government threatened to invade Syria as well, the same Trump administration threatened to wage war on NATO ally Turkey.

And now, today, Dutch NOS TV reports that that same Trump administration has lifted the sanctions against the Turkish Ministry of War … sorry, I am supposed to use the euphemism ‘defence’, and the other sanctions.

Even though the NOS report also says that Donald Trump’s envoy to Syria, James Jeffrey, has said that he has proof that the Turkish invaders have committed war crimes in Syria.

Some United States soldiers will leave Syria to go to Iraq. Others will stay to guard oilfields in Syria.

For the umpteenth time, proof that United States and other NATO occupiers are not about stopping war crimes or other ‘humanitarianism’. They are about Big Oil and military-industrial profits; while committing lots of war crimes themselves.

14 thoughts on “Trump’s soldiers in Syria, only for oil

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