Belgian army recruiting child soldiers

This 2014 video says about itself:

Britain’s 250,000 boy soldiers in World War I

A quarter of a million boy soldiers, some as young as 14, enlisted in World War One by lying about their age. Around 120,000 of them were killed or injured. One 17-year-old was shot for desertion. The government and military — desperate to boost recruitment — turned a blind eye to the thousands of child soldiers sent to the trenches.

According to Belgian (right-wing) daily De Standaard today, the Belgian government plans to recruit child soldiers among high school students.

Today, already at some Belgian secondary schools, there is ‘security’ education aiming at jobs in the police, private ‘security’ mercenary corporations, and firefighting. I don’t like lumping firefighting, which is about saving lives, with mercenary corporations or police.

Now, Belgian armed forces spokesman colonel Jean-Christophe Delhaie aims at ‘defence and security’ education in at least fifteen schools in Flanders.

He says it is needed because many young recruits joining the armed forces now are resigning soon.

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