British militarist propaganda for schoolchildren

This 2013 video is called Child soldiers in the British Army: one recruit’s story | Guardian Docs.

By Joana Ramiro in Britain:

Military mentoring denies kids rights, says ForcesWatch

Tuesday 10th November 2015

SCHOOLKIDS are being taught more about the “military ethos” than peace and human rights, a ForcesWatch report revealed today.

New data brought forward by the military recruitment watchdog showed how Tory policy could be breaking the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

According to ForcesWatch, there has been no investment in peace and human-rights teaching, while the Department for Education has spent £45 million since 2012 by on “military ethos” schools programmes, which involve veterans helping children develop “character.”

The non-profit organisation’s co-ordinator Emma Sangster said: “The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is clear when it comes to education — schools must teach human rights, peace and tolerance in order to promote non-violence as a life skill and to develop an awareness of the importance of these values for society.

“Not only does the government fail to ensure that schools educate for peace or about peace, it actively promotes military approaches through its military ethos programmes, free military-related learning resources and the ever-expanding presence of the armed forces in our schools.”

ForcesWatch is now calling for an inquiry into the military ethos programme, which sends ex-armed forces personnel in to schools to mentor “disengaged pupils” and “instil teamwork, discipline and leadership.”

Last December Education Secretary Nicky Morgan said of the programme: “For pupils who may have faced challenges or difficulties in their personal life, these initiatives run by former armed services personnel can offer a sense of greater aspiration and can help build the skills and confidence they need to go on to good jobs and successful futures.”

Britain: Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has announced that new army cadet units will be allocated to 150 state schools. The announcement, made at last week’s conference of the ruling Conservatives, is shaped by an agenda to escalate militarism, war and austerity. Fallon said the scheme would give young cadets “the skills and confidence they need to thrive”: here.

A 16-year-old New York high school football player was killed last week while participating in a group exercise designed for US Navy SEALs: here.

USA: The International Youth and Students for Social Equality (IYSSE) calls on students, youth and workers to oppose the “Learn. Plan. Succeed.” program of Chicago’s Democratic Party Mayor Rahm Emanuel, recently adopted by the Chicago Public Schools (CPS). Beginning in the year 2020, the new policy will require CPS high school students to provide evidence of government-authorized plans to receive their high school diploma. Students will have to prove that they have been accepted into college, the military, a trade program, a gap-year program or have a job, before being allowed to graduate. The new policy is only the latest in Mayor Emanuel’s reactionary education “reform.” The primary aim of this program is to push working class youth into the military: here.

Peace campaigners slam Girlguiding’s ‘bizarre’ partnership with British Army: here.

12 thoughts on “British militarist propaganda for schoolchildren

    • You are right. And I still remember how military officers speaking at schools in former Warsaw Pact countries was universally described in Western media as ‘poisoning children’ … however, it seems that like with waterboarding torture (for which Japanese soldiers were, correctly, punished after World War II), ‘it is not evil when ‘we’ do it’.

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  2. Wednesday 22nd June 2016

    posted by Lamiat Sabin in Britain

    Pacifist group lambasts ‘family fun’ events

    THE military was accused yesterday of presenting children with a whitewashed image of war by planning “family fun” events across Britain on Armed Forces Day.

    Pacifist group the Peace Pledge Union (PPU) said that the military routinely portrays combat and weaponry as “clean and exciting,” which misleads youngsters about the nature of warfare.

    Armed Forces Day on Saturday will be marked by performances by children’s entertainers along with live demonstrations and exhibitions of military equipment.

    Events will be held in most towns and cities across Britain. The “national event” will be held in Cleethorpes, near RAF Waddington, from where the government’s drones are operated.

    PPU co-ordinator Symon Hill said: “In previous years, Armed Forces Day has involved primary-age children being invited to hold guns and sit in tanks.

    “At an early age, children are given the message that weapons and uniforms go along with fun and entertainment.

    “War is not fun. Violence is not entertainment. Young people should be allowed to make up their own minds about the moral complexities of war as they grow up.”

    The PPU said that events such as Armed Forces Day allow the military to portray itself in a positive light, despite evidence of a culture of brutality emerging during the latest Deepcut barracks inquest.

    The inquest into the death of 18-year-old soldier Cheryl James, who was killed in 1995 by a gunshot wound to the head at the barracks in Surrey, concluded earlier this month.

    Judge Brian Barker QC highlighted a culture of bullying and sexual harassment in the army and especially at Deepcut, where three other soldiers died between 1995 and 2002.

    Human rights organisation Liberty has written to Tory Defence Secretary Michael Fallon on behalf of the soldiers’ families
    calling for a public inquiry into “toxic” barrack environments.

    PPU claimed that the government is trying to present the army as a good career choice for young people as it is falling short of recruitment targets.

    Mr Hill added: “No institution should be immune from criticism.

    “With British involvement in wars having less and less public support, the government and the arms industry have ramped up the image of the armed forces with little regard to how they operate in practice.”

    Britain is the only country in Europe that enlists 16-year-olds, in breach of international agreements, the anti-war group added.


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