Bee-eaters, swallow, sea of Tilos, Greece

This Associated Press video says about itself:

Greek island set to get all its energy from renewables

Plaka, Tilos island, Greece – 6 August 2018

1. Aerial shot turbine

2. Various of wind turbine

3. Cutaway of Greek, EU and Eunice Energy Group flags

4. Various of on-site project manager Spyros Aliferis opening container with batteries

5. Mid of batteries that store energy and later deliver it to the grid of wind turbine on northern tip of Tilos island ++MUTE++

6. Tilt down of cables connecting batteries

7. SOUNDBITE (Greek) Spyros Aliferis, on-site project supervisor for Eunice Energy Group: “The innovation of this program and its funding lies in the batteries, the energy storage, that’s what’s innovative. The energy made by the wind turbines and the photovoltaics will be stored in batteries so that this energy can be used for the grid when there is demand.”

ASSOCIATED PRESS Tilos island – 5 August 2018

8. Aerial of solar panels installed as part of the renewable energy storage project ++MUTE++

9. Mid of solar panels ASSOCIATED PRESS Plaka, Tilos island, Greece – 6 August 2018

10. Aerial of Aegean Sea, underwater cable bringing electricity to Tilos island from neighbouring islands Kos and Nisyros runs below ++MUTE++

11. Various of electricity poles connecting underwater cable to Tilos grid

ASSOCIATED PRESS Megalo Chorio, Tilos island, Greece – 6 August 2018

12. Various of Tilos mayor Maria Kamma working in her office

13. Cutaway of EuroNatur Prize 2009 certificate

14. SOUNDBITE (Greek) Maria Kamma, Mayor of Tilos: “Another factor that prompted us to proceed with this project is that we do believe in renewable sources of energy, and our ability to totally end our dependence on gasoline as a fuel for electricity, which is very harmful for the environment. For many years now, Tilos has plotted a course that is dedicated to protecting the environment. We are seeking visitors, tourists actually, people who will visit our island who love the environment and want to protect it and nature as it was given to us.”

ASSOCIATED PRESS Livadia, Tilos island, Greece – 4 August 2018

15. Aerial of entrance to Livadia harbour ++MUTE++

16. Aerial of rooftops in Livadia with solar panels and solar-powered water heaters ++MUTE++

17. Owner of Sea View Hotel Sevasti Delaporta walking into restaurant to get breakfast ready

18. Various of Delaporta getting things ready for guests

19. SOUNDBITE (Greek) Sevasti Delaporta, owner of Sea View Hotel: “I’m very optimistic about this project because there are few negative consequences, as a business, and for the guests of the hotel that I run. People are pleased with the service because they have no problems with their fridges and they have no problems with their air conditioning. They are happy, things are ok.”

20. Hotel guests having breakfast at the terrace

ASSOCIATED PRESS Livadia, Tilos island, Greece – 5 August 2018 ++MUTE++

21. Aerial of hotels and houses along the seaside

22. Aerial of sea and small boat

23. Aerial of town of Livadia

24. Aerial of surrounding mountains, sun going down

ASSOCIATED PRESS Livadia, Tilos island, Greece – 5 August 2018

25. Wide of main street with tourists and locals

26. Shop sign in main street

27. Various of main square with bars and restaurants

28. Man walking in the street

29. Wide of restaurant outdoor tables

30. Dutch visitor Eva Lemaier, who has been coming to Tilos every summer for 25 years

31. SOUNDBITE (English) Eva Lemaier, Dutch tourist:

After 9 May 2019 on Tilos came 10 May.

In the morning, the sound of bee-eaters on spring migration.

We went from Megalo Chorio to Livadia.

Livadia, 10 May 2019

The photos from Livadia in this blog post were made, as an experiment, with a ‘lensbaby‘: a kind of camera lens enabling to make photos in which some parts are focused while other parts are not.

Hooded crows flying along the coast.

A cuttlefish bone and a dead sea star on the beach.

Aegean sea, 10 May 2019

And, of course, the Aegean sea with its stones along the coast.

A barn swallow passes.

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