Bee-eaters, hoopoe of Tilos, Greece

Bee-eaters, 10 May 2019

Still 10 May 2019 on Tilos island, Greece. After returning from Livadia, we saw these bee-eaters near Megalo Chorio, late in the afternoon.

Two bee-eaters, 10 May 2019

Their colourful feathers made for a beautiful contrast with the vegetation.

Two bee-eaters, on 10 May 2019

First, there were two birds; at several spots.

Three bee-eaters, 11 May 2019

Then, three birds.

Five bee-eaters, 10 May 2019

Then, five birds …

Five bee-eaters, on 10 May 2019

… at more than one spot.

They rested a bit during their spring migration from Africa to Europe.

In spite of their name, they eat not just bees, but also insects like wasps and mosquitos. There are many bees on Tilos: beekeepers from other islands like Rhodes and Kos bring their hives to Tilos as there are many flowers for them there.

Hoopoe, 10 May 2019

Bee-eaters were not the only birds that day. A hoopoe joined them …

Hoopoe flies, 10 May 2019

… until it flew away.


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