Nuclear weapons, tobacco investments stopped

This video from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the USA says about itself:

On May 6th, 2017 at the Reducing the Threat of Nuclear War Conference on MIT’s campus, a great speaker lineup, including Iran-deal broker Ernie Moniz (MIT, former Secretary of Energy), California Congresswoman Barbara Lee, Lisbeth Gronlund (Union of Concerned Scientists), Joe Cirincione (Ploughshares), our former congressman John Tierney, MA state reps Denise Provost and Mike Connolly, and Cambridge Mayor Denise Simmons gathered to discuss what we can do to help address the current nuclear weapons situation.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

The five largest pension funds in the Netherlands have stopped investing in the tobacco industry and in nuclear weapons. More and more smaller pension funds are also stopping investments in these sectors.

The five funds manage around 60 percent of all the money that is in the Dutch pension funds.

Civil service fund ABP sold all investments in tobacco and nuclear weapons last year. The funds for metal and electricity and metal and technology followed later. The pension fund for employees in the construction industry is the last of the big five that is following this policy. The fund for employees in healthcare already stopped investing in tobacco in 2013.

According to the pension funds, good returns have been achieved with the investments in recent years, but it is no longer justified to invest in them. The products of the companies do too much damage and as shareholders it is not possible to influence the companies to work differently. It has also been agreed in worldwide conventions to ban these types of products.

Porn industry and fur

The PMT pension fund (metal and technology) goes one step further. That fund also does not want to invest anymore in the fur industry and the porn industry. The fund has asked the grassroots which sectors should be blacklisted, and that is where those industries came up, in addition to the tobacco and nuclear weapons industry.

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