British construction workers against nuclear weapons

This video from England says about itself:

Tariq Ali – Stop Trident (CND)

National UK march and demonstration against the renewal of Trident nuclear weapons, organised by CND and supported by Stop the War Coalition.

Trafalgar Square, London, 27th February 2016.

By Conrad Landin in Britain:

Ucatt Conference: Builders back the end of Trident

Friday 20th May 2016

BUILDERS rallied behind Jeremy Corbyn’s opposition to Trident replacement yesterday, branding nuclear weapons a “moral threat to humanity’s survival.”

The union also urged members to join Labour, calling for a campaign to recruit reps in support of Jeremy Corbyn and “a transition to a socialist society here in Britain.”

Glasgow delegate David McGurk branded Trident “a genocidal weapon,” and said Britain was “out of step” with a modern world where the vast majority of countries favour disarmament.

“If Britain replaces Trident, does that make us more of a target for extremists?” he asked.

“But what protection does it give us against cyber attacks? None.” A motion passed unanimously called for both the British and Scottish governments to develop “defence diversification strategies” to ensure “a just transition for communities and those workers whose livelihoods are based in the defence sector.”

Delegates also called on Ucatt’s leaders to “use what influence [they have] to end the backstabbing … against the democratically elected leader.”

Ucatt executive member Andy Jones slammed “so-called rebel MPs” attacking Mr Corbyn, calling on them to “shut up, stop sniping, get behind the leader and remember that it’s the Tory scum that’s the enemy.”

Jamie Bramwell, who represents Ucatt on Labour’s national executive, said reps must take matters into their own hands.

“We need Ucatt members to be Labour Party members, to get involved in their constituency Labour Parties and fight for socialism in our communities,” he said.

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