Investments in nuclear weapons, tobacco stopped

This video from Britain says about itself:

Jeremy Corbyn: ‘I want to see a nuclear-free world‘ – BBC News

27 September 2016

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says he is not a supporter of nuclear weapons amid questions about Trident renewal. He was speaking to BBC Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg during the Labour Party conference in Liverpool.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

The biggest pension fund stops investing in tobacco and nuclear weapons

Today, 14:13
Updated at 14:16

The pension fund of civil servants, ABP, wants to sell all its investments in tobacco and nuclear weapons within a year. Currently, the fund has invested around 3.3 billion euros in such corporations.

For years, there has been pressure on the pension fund not to invest in tobacco and nuclear weapons. The fund now says it has come to realize that a more sustainable investment policy must be applied, after discussions with participants, employers and interest groups.

A discussion has begun over the past month in Australian strategic and military circles about the necessity of building nuclear weapons, or developing the capacity to do so, against the alleged threat posed by nuclear-armed powers, above all China: here.

The Economist magazine, the influential London weekly described by Karl Marx over 150 years ago as the “European organ” of the “aristocracy of finance,” has devoted its latest issue to discussing “The Next War” and “The Growing Threat of Great Power Conflict.” Its lead editorial opens with a chilling warning: here.

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