London firefighting training austerity killed Grenfell Tower people

This 11 June 2018 British TV video from London, England says about itself:

Songwriters of ‘Fire In Grenfell‘ Open Up About What the Song Means to Them | Lorraine

A year has passed since the fire in Grenfell tower. Survivors Yousra Cherbika, who lost her home to the fire, and Johara Menacar, who co-wrote the single reveal what the song means to them.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain today:

Fire crews ‘not trained to deal with inferno as big as Grenfell

FIRE crews were not trained to safely rescue those trapped in Grenfell, a firefighter who tackled the towering inferno said today.

Watch manager Glynn Williams was in charge of crews from Fulham on the night of the blaze last year that left 72 dead.

In a written statement to the Grenfell Tower inquiry, he said: “We do not receive any training that involves taking a person through a toxic environment 20-plus floors high and bring them to a safe environment on ground level.”

The fire officer described being haunted by the face of a little girl who was being rushed from the burning block.

She was alone and only had pyjamas on at the time, while flaming debris was falling from the side of the tower, he wrote.

“She looked to be in shock as her eyes were wide open. To protect her from the falling debris, I gave her my helmet before the firefighter carried her out the main entrance.”

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