Trump bombing Iran, Beach Boys parody music

This 26 July 2018 music video from Britain is a parody of the Beach Boys song Barbara Ann.

As it says, Donald Trump is not original in this Beach Boys parody. Fellow Republican party presidential candidate and fellow warmonger John McCain preceded him in that eleven years ago.

This April 2007 video is about McCain singing Bomb bomb Iran.

The Trump parody video says about itself:

The Peach Boys – Bomb Iran

Donald Trump’s Beach Boys tribute band present a terrifyingly earnest cover of John McCain’s doo-wop classic.


Bomb bomb bomb Bomb bomb Iran
Oh, bomb Iran
Or they’ll expand
Oh, bomb Iran
They got me really bigly tweeting
Let’s get them retreating
Bomb Iran

Posted a tweet
It was pretty sweet
Wrote all in caps
so they’d really feel the heat
Bomb Iran
They’ve got nukes planned
Let’s get reimposing sanctions
Stymie their expansion
Bomb Iran
Worst deal ever

Just days after President Donald Trump publicly threatened Iran with “consequences the likes of which few throughout history have ever suffered,” his National Security Adviser John Bolton held a top-level meeting to discuss US plans to confront Iran: here.

Trump menaces the world over Iran sanctions: here.

As sanctions tighten, Washington threatens Iran with “military might”: here.

Intensifying its aggressive “America First” global agenda, the Trump administration yesterday confirmed that it will impose new sanctions on Iran that are designed to cripple its economy, starve its people into submission and overturn its government in order to impose a subservient pro-US regime: here.


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