Australian archbishop convicted for child abuse cover up

This 25 May 2018 video about Australia says about itself:

Archbishop Philip Wilson case: letter that led to his downfall

The handwritten letter that led to the downfall of Archbishop Philip Wilson: Former altar boy reveals he told the Catholic official he had been abused by a priest 30 YEARS before he [Wilson] was found guilty of concealing child sex abuse. An emotional two-page letter written by a sexual abuse victim has been credited with helping convict an Australian Archbishop of concealing such crimes dating back decades.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

1 year in prison for Australian archbishop who covered up abuse

Today, 3:13

The Australian archbishop Philip Wilson has been sentenced to a prison sentence of 1 year. He covered up abuse in the Roman Catholic Church in the 1970s.

Wilson (67), now Archbishop of Adelaide, is the highest placed clergyman in the Catholic Church who has been found guilty of covering up abuse. In May he was found guilty for this, now the sentence has been determined.

The judge ruled that Wilson would be entitled to a reduction of the sentence at the earliest after 6 months. He does not have to go straight to jail, because next month it will be determined whether he can serve his sentence at home. …

Abuse by priest

The clergyman in the 1970s concealed the abuse of four boys by the priest James Fletcher. In 2004, Fletcher was found guilty of nine cases of sexual abuse and sentenced to eight years in prison.

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