Saudi warplanes kill mother, child in Yemen

This 20 April 2018 video is called 20 civilians killed in airstrike in Yemen.

Now, a video, censored/deleted by YouTube:

While the Saudi crown prince is in England to buy weapons for his bloody war on Yemen, this video says about itself:

Saudi warplanes kill mother, child in Yemen’s Sa’ada

7 March 2018

Saudi warplanes have conducted a series of air raids against Yemen’s northern province of Sa’ada, killing a woman and a young girl, residents say.

Residents said the airstrikes early on Wednesday morning killed a woman and a young girl and injured several children from the same family in the suburbs of the city of Sa’ada, according to a witness at the local hospital.

Yemen war: What life is like for children in the country. Ramzi is 11 and has become the man of the house after his father was killed in a Saudi airstrike. He spends his days collecting water for his family: here.

Yemen: Children hit by diphtheria outbreak. Despite being almost eradicated worldwide, diphtheria is returning to Yemen as a result of the country’s civil war. The BBC’s Nawal Al-Maghafi travelled to the remote village of Beit al Haboob, where more than 40 people have contracted the disease: here.

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