Saudi warplane attacks on Yemeni civilians

This 20 April 2018 video is called 20 civilians killed in airstrike in Yemen.

This 17 January 2018 video used to be called, before YouTube censored it, Aftermath of brutal Saudi air raids on Yemeni areas near borders.

Yemen and Britain history: here.

Dubious Partnership: The US and Saudi Arabia: here.

A besieged and starved population has been pushed to the brink of famine. The UK, US and France need to re-evaluate their relationship with Saudi Arabia: here.

House of Saud’s power struggle could turn bloody. What we are witnessing today in Saudi Arabia among royalty is the beginning of the process by which the vertical succession may need bloodshed to be established as fait accompli: here.

Yemen’s Prime Minister [of the Saudi puppet government] Ahmed bin Dagher on Sunday accused southern separatists of attempting a coup in the interim capital of Aden after they took over the government headquarters. The premier called on the Saudi-led coalition fighting … Houthi rebels to intervene, hours after fierce clashes erupted between military units loyal to the government of President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi and separatist security forces: here.

3 thoughts on “Saudi warplane attacks on Yemeni civilians

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