Israelis protest against Netanyahu’s corruption

This video says about itself:

20,000 join Tel Aviv ‘March of Shame’ to protest bill aimed at protecting Netanyahu

2 December 2017

Thousands of people, outraged at a new bill that would spare the Israeli PM from public outcry linked to two corruption probes, swarmed into downtown Tel Aviv on Saturday in a protest that became the largest since the launch of the investigation.


Some 20,000 turn out in Tel Aviv for anti-corruption ‘march of shame’. Hundreds more rally against Netanyahu in Jerusalem and Haifa over graft probes, slam police recommendations bill critics say is meant to shield PM: here.

See also here.

ISRAELI MPs passed a Bill yesterday that aims to shield Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from corruption allegations: here.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is under fire after salacious strip club audio recording was released of his son talking prostitutes and the business deals of his father.

ISRAELI POLICE RECOMMEND PRIME MINISTER BENJAMIN NETANYAHU BE INDICTED ON CORRUPTION CHARGES Netanyahu said that he would continue to lead and the charges would “end with nothing.” [HuffPost]

Israeli cops grill Netanyahu in yet another corruption case: here.

Canary Mission, hardline United States pro-Netanyahu activists: here.

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  7. ISRAEL: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu backed a Bill to exempt ultra-Orthodox men from military service yesterday in a desperate bid to avert early elections.

    Orthodox religious parties had threatened to pull the rug from under Mr Netanyahu, who is beset by corruption allegations, if he didn’t submit on this issue.

    He may, however, not be out of woods as Yair Lapid of the secular Yesh Atid party has given notice that his members will abandon the PM.


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