Coronavirus news of today

This 18 March 2020 video is called Coronavirus hits all 50 US states as death toll rises – BBC News.

By Shannon Jones in the USA:

Fiat Chrysler skilled trade contractors in Detroit walkout as workers demand total auto shutdown

21 March 2020

The global wave of walkouts in the auto industries continued on Thursday evening when more than 1,000 skilled trades contractors stopped work on the renovation of the Fiat Chrysler Mack Engine Complex in Detroit, which is being reopened to produce Jeep brand vehicles later this year.

The workers took the action after management demanded they stay on the job, even though FCA production workers have been sent home over coronavirus concerns. One skilled trade contractor at the Mack Engine site reportedly tested positive for COVID-19.

Kentucky auto parts worker denounces continued plant operation as coronavirus spreads: here.

Mexican autoworkers appeal to US, Canadian workers for support in closing plants over COVID-19: here.

By George Gallanis in the USA, 21 March 2020:

Citing national security concerns by the Trump administration, farm and heavy equipment giant Deere & Company (Deere) is keeping all of its US plants open, despite the growing threat of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. …

Other companies such as the United Parcel Service (UPS) and defense contractors have also received this special status. Meanwhile, companies across the US are seeking to become part of this coveted group. Pet store companies, marijuana dispensaries, auto dealerships and even video game retailers are vying for this category in an effort to keep profits flowing. In a statement on auto companies, Trump said in a call with state governors on Thursday, “We’re watching the auto industry very much. We’re going to be helping them out at least a little bit and they’ve sort of requested some help, and it wasn’t their fault what happened. So we’ll be taking care of the auto industry.”

The administration’s guidance, however, appears to have little, if any, legal force. Electric vehicle maker Tesla attempted to operate its plant in Fremont, California, during a lockdown in northern California on the same pretext, but an intervention by the local sheriff’s office forced them to limit and then shut down production entirely.

But in using the memo to justify remaining open means the continued reaping of profits for Deere’s executives and stockholders, even as Deere workers will be subjected to illness and possible death. The rapid spread of the virus, fueled by the Trump administration policy of malign neglect which has done nothing to stop it, means it is not a matter of if a COVID-19 breakout will occur in one of the plants, if it hasn’t already, but when.

Trump administration exploits coronavirus to block all asylum seekers from entering US: here.

Nearly two dozen New York City transit workers test positive for COVID-19: here.

New York, California ordered locked down in response to COVID-19: here.

Illinois governor belatedly places entire state under “stay-at-home” order in response to coronavirus pandemic: here.

By Kevin Reed in the USA, 21 March 2020:

Amid coronavirus pandemic, thousands in Detroit remain without running water

It has become clear over the past week that the March 9 announcement by Detroit’s Democratic Party Mayor Mike Duggan—with the backing of Michigan Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer—that the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department would restore water to thousands of residents who had their service terminated was a public relations fraud.

The announcement was made with great fanfare and it was reported by the corporate media across the US and internationally that running water was critical to fighting the spread of the coronavirus and that having more than 100,000 Detroit residents without access to it was a public health catastrophe in the making.

Louisiana COVID-19 cases rise, with New Orleans hardest hit: here.

While some Florida counties have been closed to nonessential business, concern grows over unemployment and a large prison population: here.

Utah’s Salt Lake Valley shaken by 5.7 magnitude earthquake, compounding coronavirus crisis: here.

Rideshare drivers utilizing mobile applications such as Uber, Lyft, Postmates and Instacart for employment, have been hard hit by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. These drivers are a part of the so-called “gig-economy,” workers who are classified as freelancers and not full-time employees. They have minimal benefits, and do not enjoy a guaranteed wage. Few of them have sick pay or healthcare through their jobs. In the context of a global pandemic, these protections can mean the difference between life and death: here.

Quebec Premier François Legault is resisting demands from workers for the closure of building sites, factories and nonessential workplaces: here.

Italy, Spain, Belgium and the UK all recorded their largest death tolls in the global coronavirus pandemic in a single day, Friday. In Italy, which now has the highest number of deaths in the world, a further 627 people perished taking the total to 4,032 fatalities. Another 5,986 new infections were announced in the locked-down country. Some 47,021 people have been infected so far, with 2,655 classified as in a “serious, critical” condition: here.

Coronavirus transforms Greek refugee camps into death camps: here.

Britain: Freelancers, self-employed and precarious workers left out of government’s emergency package. ‘The Chancellor simply doesn’t understand the hardship these workers are in,’ the Broadcasting, Entertainment, Communications and Theatre Union says: here.

Britain: China has beaten coronavirus while Tories will allow 60% of the population to be infected! Kick the Tories out: here.

Growing demands for Assange’s release as first coronavirus case confirmed in British prisons: here.

UK government closes schools under sustained public pressure: here.

Australian teachers defy union and vote for immediate school closures over coronavirus: here.

Australian governments refuse to close schools over COVID-19: here.

Netanyahu exploits coronavirus pandemic to build up dictatorial regime in Israel: here.

Medical expert warns India could be next coronavirus hotspot: here.

If the rapid spread of the deadly virus is not halted, it will prove catastrophic for millions of people in Pakistan, an impoverished South Asian country of more than 200 million: here.


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