Israeli peace movement reacts to election results

This 16 September 2019 video says about itself:

‘What we need is unity’: Israeli Arab coalition appeals to Jewish vote

Scattered and divided only six months ago, Israeli Arab parties are standing united in Tuesday’s election re-run, hoping to energise their support base and woo Jewish voters too. FRANCE 24’s reporters followed them on the campaign trail.

From the Gush Shalom peace movement in Israel today:

Together Saving the Future Of Us All

Half of Israel’s citizens

Have today decided

That a nationalist and racist demagogue

Facing three serious criminal charges

Is the right person

To lead this country.

But – the other half

Do not want Netanyahu

This half should be

Organized and mobilized

For struggle

Struggle in the street

Struggle in the Knesset

Struggle in the courts.

Struggle everywhere, Jewish and Arab citizens

United in the struggle

To save the future

Opinion The Morning After Israel’s Election, the Country Is Still Stuck on a Traffic Island: here.

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