15 thoughts on “Macron attacks French workers, big protest

  1. Workers rights only protect those who have a job. There are also in France a lot of people who do not have a job and would like to have one. If Macron’s reforms create more jobs then there will also be winners among the workers and not just the bosses.


  2. Tuesday 26th September 2017

    FRENCH lorry drivers blockaded fuel depots across the country yesterday in a protest against President Emmanuel Macron’s new labour law.

    The CGT and FO union federations called the strike last week in opposition to the new law, which would allow firms to opt out of national agreements and make it easier to sack workers.

    Depots in south-western France, Normandy, near the southern city of Marseille and in the Paris region were blocked for several hours before police intervened.

    As the popularity of the Republic on the March party dwindles, government spokesman Christophe Castaner admitted Sunday’s senate elections were a “failure” for Mr Macron’s new party, with the conservative Republicans winning 171 seats to its 28.

    But he pointed out that the senate is chosen by local councillors elected in 2014 and 2015, before the party formed.

    The lower national assembly, dominated by Mr Macron’s MPs, can override the senate if the two houses do not agree on legislation.



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