French President Macron in trouble

This 16 October 2018 video from France is called Macron malaise: Can French president reverse plummeting popularity?

Another video used to say about itself:

Emmanuel Macron PLUMMETS in polls as France turns on president’s £4bn spending cuts

7 August 2017

FRENCH President Emmanuel Macron’s popularity has hit an all time low, a recent poll has revealed.

According to a YouGov poll of people in France, published on 3 August 2017, only 36% like the policies of recently elected President Macron; 49% dislike them. This is historically low for a newly elected French president. Usually, there is a ‘honeymoon’ period when new presidents are popular.

French politicologist Jérôme Fourquet says these figures show there is a big conflict between the people and Macron’s austerity policies. Public employees’ wages are frozen. Taxes for pensioners are going up.

French people also object to the lot of taxpayers’ money which Macron spent on Donald Trump’s state visit to France, for which there was no austerity. They also oppose Macron’s authoritarianism.

Macron is compared to seventeenth century absolute monarch Louis XIV, the ‘Sun King’. Louis XIV, and kings before and after him, were married to queens with official government status which also cost the taxpayers much. And Louis XIV, and kings before and after him, besides queens, also had mistresses. These mistresses also had official status as the kings’ ‘maîtresses-en-titre‘, and also cost the taxpayers lots of money.

Contrary to First Ladies in the USA, presidents’ wives in France do not have official status. Let alone presidents’ mistresses.

Macron, as far as I know, has no plans to make taxpayers pay for his mistresses. But he did have a plan to make taxpayers pay for his wife Brigitte. Ms Macron already has her own office in the presidential palace, with two advisers, two secretaries, and ‘security’ ‘gorillas’. Earlier French First Ladies got 450,000 euros a year for that from the presidential palace budget. Spouses of British Prime Ministers or German Federal Chancellors do not even get that, they get nothing.

However, Macron planned to have a separate budget for Brigitte. The French constitution would have to be changed for that.

That plan caused much anger in France. Within two weeks over 270,000 people signed a petition against taxpayers having to pay for a separate, probably much bigger, budget for Ms Macron. Macron supporters started a petition in favour of the president’s First Lady plan: it got only 8,000 signatures.

Today, after seeing how complex it is to change the constitution for one’s spouse and how much opposition there is, Macron ditched the plan.

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