French Macron government attacks workers’ rights

This 8 May 2017 French video is about a meeting by French trade union federation CGT against the plans of President Macron to attack workers’ rights by decree, bypassing parliament.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

France: Workers’ rights at stake as government plans employment law rejig

Thursday 29th June 2017

FRENCH Labour Minister Muriel Penicaud gave notice yesterday that President Emmanuel Macron’s government is “changing the rules of the game” to rejig employment law.

She presented draft legislation to a cabinet meeting yesterday which unions fear will ditch hard-won worker protection.

President Macron’s recently elected neoliberal majority plans to cap fines imposed on companies for wrongful dismissal and allow businesses to relax workplace rules.

The government intends to pass its legislation this summer by presidential decree, truncating parliamentary debate.

Ms Penicaud, former human-resources director for food-products transnational corporation Danone, claimed Mr Macron’s election had given “a clear signal of need for change.”

She stressed that a total of 48 meetings with trade unions and employers’ organisations are scheduled to discuss the measures.

The militant CGT union has urged a national day of protests and strikes against the anti-worker legislation on September 12, three days before the annual Fete de l’Humanite begins in Paris.

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