‘Goatfucker’, from anti-Jewish homophobic to Islamophobic smear

This German video is the third part of Max und Moritz, the well-known story by 19th century German author Wilhelm Busch.

Translated from the German Wikipedia entry about Max und Moritz:

Tailors like Tailor Bock

who in the third part of Max und Moritz becomes the victim of a prank by pranksters Max and Moritz. ‘Bock’ means ‘billy-goat’ in German. Associating tailors with goats was much older in Germany than the Wilhelm Busch poem.

were generally popular targets in caricatures and mockery. Many of the tailors were Eastern European Jews, so that the mockery and the bigotry often alternated between tailors and Jews. Tailors were often regarded as effiminate

for doing ‘feminine’ work, making them supposedly sexually ‘abnormal’ targets of homophobia

, dishonest and unclean, the call [by Max and Moritz to lure Tailor Bock out of his house]

Hey, get out! You billy-goat!
Tailor, tailor, meck, meck, meck!

suggested the widespread rumour that tailors had sex with goats.

In European Christian history, there is a strong tradition of associating goats with the devil. Not only Jewish tailors, also witches supposedly had sex with a billy-goat (Satan in disguise). Goats were seen as ‘hellish’ animals. Somewhat like pigs, also associated with Jews by Jew-haters.

About 2000 in the Netherlands, and in other countries, geitenneuker (goatfucker) became a favourite term of abuse by Islamophobes (basing themselves on a supposed writing by Iranian Ayatollah Khomeini which Khomeini in fact had never written. Like anti-Semites say that in the Jewish Talmud writings there are all kinds of horrible things against Christians; while their ‘quotes’ from the Talmud ‘proving’ that are made up). By the way, some of the immigrants to the Netherlands or elsewhere from Morocco or elsewhere, targets of xenophobes, were tailors, like some nineteenth century Jews.

All this confirms the thesis of Jewish Swiss author Charles Lewinsky that many prejudices from earlier anti-Semitism (like Jews supposedly being exceptionally cruel to animals) now return in Islamophobia (with Muslims now supposedly being exceptionally cruel to animals).

1 thought on “‘Goatfucker’, from anti-Jewish homophobic to Islamophobic smear

  1. People need a scapegoat for everything that goes wrong in their lives. It used to be Jews. Since not many Jews are left in Europe due to the holocaust and emigration to Israel, they are no longer useful. You have to see them in daily life to blame them. Otherwise they become to abstract. Muslims are very visible. They can very easy take the role of Jews. They look like Jews, speak a language like Jews etc..


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