Insecticide eggs, also in Belgium, elsewhere

This video says about itself:

Belgium: Eggs poisoned by insecticide may have entered four more countries – EU Commission

7 August 2017

The European Union has notified food safety authorities in France, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK that some eggs contaminated with a harmful to humans insecticide might have entered their territory, Monday. European Commission spokesperson Anna-Kaisa Itkonen highlighted from Brussels that it is now “up to the Swedish, Swiss, French and to the UK national authorities to check.”

Since the end of July, millions of eggs have been withdrawn from shops in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands after some of them tested positive for the insecticide Fipronil, a substance used for the extermination of ants, fleas, lice and cockroaches.

Translated from Kristof Aerts in Het Laatste Nieuws daily in Belgium:

“Miraculous cure, but nobody was allowed to know what was in it”: how Dutchmen defrauded chicken farmers

8/08/17 – 06:00

Mathijs IJ. and his companion were popular and sponsored local events, now they seem to have disappeared from the globe

All 100,000 eggs should be thrown away, and 35,000 will be added every day next week. Ron Schalk, owner of chicken farm ‘t Kakelhof in Hoogstraten, is one of the Belgians who was cheated by Dutch con men Martin van de B. (31) and Mathijs IJ. (24). They went door to door to poultry farmers to sell their ‘ChickFriend’ – the miraculous cure against blood lice. …

The two went from poultry farm to poultry farm to sell their product and they did sales talks at trade shows and events. In the Netherlands, but also in our country.

Ron Schalk also used the product at one of his stables. “Finally, something that works well,” thought the Flemish chicken farmer. “Now we know why: they mixed that poisonous stuff through it.”

Mixed with Fipronil, dangerous for animals and humans.

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