Gold coins discovery in Dutch Groningen province

Some of the Loppersum coins, AP photo

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Rare coin treasure found in Loppersum

Today, 16:25

In the center of Loppersum in Groningen province during works on a sewer a set of 48 gold coins from the 16th century has been found. …

Archaeologist John Tuinstra calls it a very rare find. “Finds of this magnitude are rare. I’ve never experienced this in my career.” He thinks that the coins were hidden during raids around 1590. The owner at that time may have been killed because he would not tell where he had hidden his treasure.

Tudor rose

The coin treasure also includes a Tudor rose penny from the time of the English Tudor dynasty. The coin probably landed around 1580 in Loppersum when British troops fought jointly with [Dutch] rebels during the siege of Groningen [against King Philip II of Spain].

The treasure is between 25,000 and 30,000 euros worth according to Tuinstra. The coins are now owned by the province of Groningen. On May 20 the coins will be on display for a day at the town hall of Loppersum.

See also here.

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