Many Roman gold coins discovered in Italy

This 9 September 2018 video says about itself:

A stash of fifth-century gold coins worth millions has been found buried in a pot under an Italian theatre. Builders demolishing the former Cressoni theatre in Como were stunned to discover the cache last Wednesday.

The Roman coins will be examined and dated before ending up in a museum, officials said. According to Italian media, the coins could be worth millions of euros.

Local archaeologist Luca Rinaldi told Qui Como: ‘We cannot speak of a precise value because they are not a marketable commodity, but certainly it is an exceptional find and therefore of inestimable value’.

He said the coins dated from the fifth century, adding: ‘The state of conservation so good that even dating should be fast enough.’

… The theatre, which was inaugurated in 1870 and later became a cinema before closing in 1997, was due to be demolished to allow the construction of a luxury residence. Authorities now plan to suspend work at the site to allow further excavations, according to local media.

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