CETA deal postponed, Wallonia not giving in to blackmail

This German 17 September 2016 video is about the hundreds of thousands of people, demonstrating in Berlin and other German cities against the TTIP and CETA trade deals.

Translated from VRT TV in Flanders in Belgium today:

Our country can not sign the CETA treaty. That message Prime Minister Charles Michel (MR party) has sent to Donald Tusk, the President of the European Union Council. It seems therefore that the Canada-EU summit on Thursday will not go ahead.

Also from VRT today:

Wallonia for now keeps refusing to sign [CETA]. …

“An ultimatum makes a serene discussion impossible,” said Walloon Prime Minister Paul Magnette (Socialist Party) just before the start of the talks [with the federal government; which then said it was for now constitutionally impossible for Belgium to sign CETA]. “It also makes democratic debate impossible. We never decide under an ultimatum or under pressure, that is clear.”

The Prime Minister repeats that he has no problem with an agreement with Canada. “But we do not want to go against the social and environmental standards. We do not want arbitration by which multinational corporations might be able to attack the state.”

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

The Walloon Prime Minister Magnette says it is undemocratic to put his government under such pressure. In the eyes of [Walloon] Energy Minister Furlan a deadline is not a way to negotiate. The socialist party PS government says that the questions by the Walloons on CETA have remain unanswered for two years.

8 thoughts on “CETA deal postponed, Wallonia not giving in to blackmail

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