6 thoughts on “Anti-CETA demonstration in London, England

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  3. Tuesday 22nd November 2016

    posted by Zoe Streatfield in Britain

    THE Scottish Greens have warned that the NHS in Scotland is under threat of privatisation after it was revealed that it had not been exempted from the Ceta free trade deal.

    Following parliamentary questioning by the Greens, the Scottish government’s Economy Secretary Keith Brown admitted that NHS Scotland had not been specifically listed as being exempt from the Ceta trade deal signed by the European Union and Canada.

    Scottish Green Party food and farming spokesman Mark Ruskell has called on the Scottish government to publish its assessment of the impact of Ceta on Scotland, but ministers have refused, saying it is “legal advice.”

    “The UK government has previously said that the NHS would be exempt from controversial trade deals including TTIP and Ceta,” said Mr Ruskell.

    “It’s a worry that NHS Scotland has not been listed separately in the treaty, and I would urge the Scottish government to seek clarity on this point.”

    Mr Ruskell called on ministers to take action to prevent Ceta which he described as a “corporate power grab” that poses a threat “not only to our public services but to our economy.”

    Global Justice Now trade campaigner Guy Taylor also voiced concerns about Ceta’s affect on public services.

    He warned: “One of the biggest threats posed by the toxic trade deal between Canada and the EU is that it would ‘lock in’ the privatisation of public services.

    “Richard Branson is quietly hoovering up large amounts of the NHS through Virgin Care, and if Ceta was to come into force it would make it impossible to take such vital services back into public ownership,” he said.


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  5. Thursday 12th
    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    by Felicity Collier

    EURO MPs are meeting today to decide whether the secretive EU-Canada free trade deal can be justified on environmental grounds.

    Belgian Green MEP Bart Staes has produced a draft report recommending that the environment, public health and food safety committee oppose the Ceta deal as it doesn’t do enough to protect the planet — and urging the European Parliament to vote against it next month.

    But free-trade fanatics are rallying to get the committee behind the deal, producing amendments leaving the stinging attacks in the report intact, but giving consent to the deal nonetheless. Campaigners have been urging the public to contact the committee’s MEPs to urge them to block Ceta.

    War On Want’s Mark Dearn said that the outcome of today’s meeting will “put huge pressure on the final vote.”

    Campaign group noTTIP urged: “We desperately need people to wake up to the fact that Britain is a signatory to Ceta and will remain so until we completely leave Europe.”

    The deal could be passed within the next two months, “with large swathes of it immediately put in place,” noTTIP said.

    “After that happens those already struggling in the UK’s brittle Brexit economy will feel the squeeze of yet more anti-worker policy-making.”

    Campaigners are planning an international day of action on Saturday January 21, centring on a major demo in Brussels.

    And on Thursday January 26, British campaigners will hold a public meeting at Westminster University with Green MEP Jean Lambert and others.


  6. Tuesday 7th February 2017

    posted by Steve Sweeney in Britain

    Activists demand a Commons debate on shady free trade deal

    CAMPAIGNERS protested outside Parliament yesterday against a government “cover-up” for refusing a Commons debate on a trade deal that puts “democracy and public services up for sale.”

    The Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (Ceta) is a “secretly negotiated” trade deal between Canada and the European Union that will “undermine our democracy and destroy our basic rights,” campaign group Ceta Blockers argued.

    They slammed a European committee meeting which took place in Parliament yesterday as “hastily arranged” and demanded that the deal is subject to an emergency Commons debate ahead of a vote in the European Parliament on February 15.

    Ceta Blockers demanded transparency and democracy in any future trade deals.

    They claim that Ceta has already been signed by the European Council of Ministers — the decision-making body of the EU — and wrote to MPs warning that if the deal is voted in on February 15 it will be provisionally implemented “without any debate in the UK Parliament.”

    Last October, the European scrutiny committee had met and recommended a debate on Ceta due to the “complex legal and policy issues” it raises, both while Britain is a member of the EU and after its withdrawal.

    Outside Parliament, Ceta Blockers spokesman Colin Crilly told the Star: “Ceta is on the verge of being signed yet the Commons has not debated it, they keep stalling.

    “The lack of transparency and democracy in this deal shows a contempt for the British people, they think they know best.”

    “But profit is the driving force behind Ceta and corporations will have the right to sue governments that will act on behalf of corporations instead of the people.

    “The NHS is really in the firing line and once it has been privatised it can’t be reversed. Public services are in real jeopardy.”


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