TTIP trade deal, bad for environment and people

This video from the USA says about itself:

TTIP: Another Secret Trade Deal Putting Us and the Environment at Risk

4 March 2016

Frank Ackerman, Principal economist at Synapse Energy Economics says we are on the cusp of another trade deal that is fortified to serve the interest of corporations.

20 thoughts on “TTIP trade deal, bad for environment and people

  1. Thursday 17th March 2016

    posted by Morning Star in World

    by Our Foreign Desk

    THE Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership being negotiated in secret by the EU and US could spell disaster for European agriculture, an Irish MEP said yesterday.

    Sinn Fein’s Matt Carthy warned Irish farmers to be “extremely concerned” about EU trade deals with the US and Canada following a meeting between the European Parliament’s agriculture and rural development committee and TTIP negotiators from the unelected European Commission.

    “A recently published study by the German Advisory Council on the Environment warns of serious deficiencies in the handling of environmental issues as well as the erosion of democracy,” Mr Carthy said.

    US producers are lobbying for European restrictions on the use of growth hormones in meat to be lifted as part of TTIP.

    European requirements that genetically modified organisms (GMOs) be labelled as such are also under threat, since no such rule exists in the US.

    And the US legal ceiling for pesticide residue levels in crops is 5,000 per cent of what is tolerated in Europe.

    Mr Carthy said the council had warned that legislation on “cosmetics, the use of chemicals, cloning of animals and GMOs” could be swept away if the trade deal went ahead.

    So opaque are the talks with the US that MEPs were told they could not reveal what was discussed at the meeting.

    “The proviso that this meeting would be held in camera … reflects the ongoing secretive and undemocratic nature of the trade talks,” said Mr Carthy.

    “When questioned about why these negotiations were closed to the public, the officials’ response was that this was how the Commission had always operated.”

    TTIP would provoke an influx of cheap, mass produced US agricultural products that would “likely plunge EU markets even further into crisis.

    “These are matters of public importance — however the public are being denied access.

    “It is time that the current Irish government and whatever administration emerges in coming weeks realised the hugely negative impact that TTIP and other trade deals could have on our farming sector.”


  2. Monday 21st March 2015

    posted by Morning Star in Britain

    SOCIALISTS assembled in Highgate Cemetery at the weekend to mark the 133th anniversary of Karl Marx’s death with the customary oration.

    This year’s guest speaker was Irish Congress of Trade Unions president Brian Campfield.

    He used the occasion to attack austerity worldwide, as well as corporate deals such as the proposed TTIP trade pact between the EU and US.

    The deals, Mr Campfield said, were mere attempts by international capital to “enhance and protect their profits” while endangering the lives of workers.

    He added: “At the grave of Karl Marx, who hasn’t gone away and whose ideas are very much alive, let us rededicate ourselves to international solidarity.

    “Let us restate our opposition to war. Let us reject the rule of the corporations and highlight that the democracy worth fighting for is the one which gives control over all the major decisions that affect people’s lives to the people themselves.”


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