German right-winger shoots police

This video about nazi Germany is called The Fall of the Third Reich.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

German extremist shoots cops down

Today, 11:06

In the German state of Bavaria four police officers were injured when they wanted to take away weapons from a man. The 49-year-old resident of the town Georgensgmünd had been allowed to own such weapons, but police doubted whether that was wise. The man opened fire when police came for them.

The man considers himself a “Reichsbürger”. Reichsbürger do not recognize the current German polity because they say it was imposed by the Allies after World War II.

They say that the Allies did not have the right to abolish Adolf Hitler‘s, and his appointed successor Admiral Dönitz‘s, German empire, the ‘Third Reich’.

The movement emerged in the eighties and, according to the Interior Ministry, has a few hundred supporters. The German security service considers the Reichsbürger to be a far right-wing movement.

One of the police officers’ life is still in danger. The neo-fascist culprit Wolfgang P. was a hunter and owned thirty firearms. The Reichsbürger are anti-Semites. They have injured police officers before; see also here.

UPDATE 20 October 2016: the most critically wounded policeman has died.

At least one Reichsbürger leader, Volker S., is an ex-policeman.

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  5. Reichsbuerger, or Reich citizens, have similarities to the sovereign citizens movements in the United States and elsewhere. They reject the authority of the modern German state and promote the notion of “natural rights,” often mixing this ideology with far-right politics and esoteric conspiracy theories.

    The Interior Ministry said around 400 police officers had seized firearms, propaganda material and small amounts of drugs during the raids on the homes of 21 leading members of the group.

    “We are dealing with a group that distributes racist and anti-Semitic writings and in doing so systematically poisons our free society,”


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