Republican Rubio’s ‘Morning in America’ Shows Evening in Canada

This 28 November 2015 video from the USA about one of the Republican party candidates for president is called Marco Rubio Prefers To Keep His Campaign Donors Secret.

From Drudge Retort in the USA:

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Rubio’s ‘Morning in America’ Shows Evening in Canada

A discovery from BuzzFeed suggests Marco Rubio’s campaign needs a refresher on geography. “It’s morning again in America,” a narrator says as a scene of a boat crossing a harbor plays in Rubio’s latest ad — a darker riff on the classic Ronald Reagan ad. Based on an internet search, though, the boat scene in the ad appears to be Vancouver, Canada, at sunset.

A commenter at Drudge Retort writes:

Rubio’s a plutocrat puppet who thinks we can spend another trillion on the military, but thinks climate change isn’t worth spending on. He’s either evil or stupid and his election would be a disaster for the country. …

Forget his inaccurate video selection, focus on his insane policy goals.

10 thoughts on “Republican Rubio’s ‘Morning in America’ Shows Evening in Canada

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